Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Orgasm. Sex. Threesome. Lingerie. Seduction.

A Summary of Survey Findings

Receiving 61 male responses and 161 female responses, the results of our survey served as a vital tool to the amount of research data our group has compiled for our project on dating. The survey included key components, asking the individual their gender, age, race/ethnicity (African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Latino/Hispanic, Caucasian, Other) and sexual orientation (straight, gay, bisexual, not sure, other). With a series of well-developed, anonymous, objective questions, those taking the survey were able to fell comfortable enough to provide sincere, genuine, honest answers. By providing the key components previously listed, we were able to divide up the results of our survey into many different categories: all results of males and females, just females, just gay females, gay females who are African American, gay females who are African American between the ages of 18-25, etc. With this amount of data available, our group was able to ascertain the exact results needed to further develop our research project.
With the vast amount of information obtained from this survey, we have decided to post a generic model of our data. Providing the results of all males and females of all ages, race, and sexual orientation, we have allowed to a more worldly view as to how we are all being impacted as a culture. From this information alone, we can see how the affects of dating have impacted each and every one of us and how each and every one of us has had an impact on dating.

Media Analysis: FHM

For Him Magazine (FHM) is one of the top leading male magazines around the world, including countries such as the UK, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, and Turkey. It has been designed to appeal to the average male, filled with sex provoking articles and beautiful half-naked women gracing the covers of each issue. However, FHM has not always been published this way. The early FHM magazines were focused on fashion and style, being distributed throughout European fashion outlets. It was not until 1987 that the publishers of the magazine began to take their publication to the shelves of newsagents.

Beginning in 1994, FHM magazine took a new approach of a competing magazine known as Loaded. The focus of FHM shifted from fashion to beautiful women, drinking, sports, and humor. As a need to distance themselves from top shelf publications, FHM introduced scantily clad women to the covers of their magazines. This is now commonly accepted among consumers and is a strong selling point for the magazine. It is because of this new “sexualized” approach that an upset in sales has occurred in pornographic media giants such as Playboy and Penthouse. This may be due to the fact that men may less embarrassed when a “men’s lifestyle” magazine than a pornographic one. However, the line between pornography and what is presented in FHM magazine has become more than shady.

Throughout this past decade the covers of FHM magazine have presented highly sexualized article topics including: “I want to achieve a perfect orgasm”, “why you should be bedding older women”, “sex on the beach”, and “the world’s hottest threesome”. With the display of women bent-over, with legs spread open, there no wondering why pornographic powerhouses such as Playboy and Penthouse have had an upset in sales.

In a 2003 FHM photo shoot, television cooking host Rachel Ray poses in lingerie and scantily sucks on a strawberry, causing an uproar in criticism. It wasn’t until an interview on late night news program, Nightline, that Rachel Ray commented upon her decision to pose for such a magazine. During the interview Ray comments on how she felt privileged given the opportunity to pose for a magazine that thrives on the success of displaying photos of such beautiful, sexualized women, saying “that if you’ve got it go for it”. It is because of views like these, that the ideas of women being treated as objects are so prevalent in today’s society. Yet it is becoming more accepted by both men and women that to have these views of women as objects, due to the bombardment of the media and its influences.

Steve Miller

Rachel Ray’s interview on youtube:

Female ONLY responses from open ended questions

What physical qualities attract you to a person?
Top responses. Out of 161 female responses, these qualities were included in their descriptions
1. 48% Smile
2. 43% Body (having a nice butt, arms, shoulders, neck, and looking athletic)
3. 39% Eyes
4. 31% Height (taller than themselves)
5. 18% Facial Features (attractive facial features)
6. 18% Hair
7. 14% Personality
8. 2% Intelligence
9. 1% Confidence

What would turn you off from person?
Top responses. Out of 161 female responses, these qualities were included in their descriptions
1. 25% Attitude
2. 18% Looks (bad hair, nails, hygiene)
3. 14% Odor (body and mouth)
4. 13% Smoker
5. 12% Cockiness
6. 11% Teeth
7. 11% Arrogance
8. 6% No set goals
9. 4% Overweight
Unlike the male responses, there were no vulgar comments represented in the female responses

Describe an ideal first date:
Top responses. Out of 161 female responses, these were mentioned:
1. 34% Dinner
2. 31% Activity (going to the beach, dancing, having fun)
3. 24% Movie (going to the movies)
4. 20% Talking (getting to know each other)
5. 4% Coffee (relaxing with a cup of coffee)

Dinner and a movie were often mentioned together, while going to the beach was the most mentioned activity to do.

How long do you wait until you take your relationship to the next level: Engaged/ Marriage
Top results. Out of 161 female responses, these were mentioned:

1. 22% When it feels right
2. 19% Depends
3. 12% At least 2 years
4. 10% 6 months to 1 year
5. 9% At least 3 years
6. 8% Never got to that level
7. 8% 5 or more years

Do you say ‘I love you’ first or wait for your partner to say it?
Top results. Out of 161 female responses, these were mentioned:
1. 44% Wait for the other person to say it
2. 26% I do (either when the time is right, or I do all the time)
3. 14% Depends
4. 1% Mutual
5. 1% Not sure
6. 1% Never been in love

How does the media’s portrayal of dating influence your dating, if at all?
Top results. Out of 161 female responses, these were mentioned:
1. 63% It doesn’t
2. 29% It does
3. 4% N/A
4. 0.6% Don’t know
5. 0.6% Never dated
Those who stated that media portrayal of dating has had an influence on their dating had mentioned these specific reasons: the promotion of promiscuity and sex, dates need to be rich and lavish, and that there will always be a happy ending.
These two comments were the more elaborate of the results:
1) The media ever since a girl is young corrupts their mind into thinking that there is a prince charming waiting for them, and there are so many absurd magazines and movies that still enforce that idea. Which is the reason why most girls that a hard time dating because its not what they expected. So I've learned to not believe everything the media has proclaimed to be true
2) The media's portrayal of dating disgusts me. It was so far from accurate and persuades teens into thinking that it's normal. The media does not influence my dating and relationships at all... Maybe the media's style of dating is right for some people. But I know that if I acted like that, I would NOT get a second day because I wouldn't be acting myself. Dating is truly all about authenticity and the media's view definitely influences us to act a certain way.

written by: Steve Miller

Males only responses to open ended questions

What physical qualities attract you to a person?

Out of 61 male responses

11 felt that personality counted as a physical quality
50 were interested in such physical qualities as:

1. Smile
2. Eyes
3. Breasts
4. Buttocks
5. Legs
6. Skin
7. Face
8. Height
9. Hair

With eyes and smile scoring the highest.

What would turn you off from person?

Out of 61 male responses
We sub-categorized our result into 3 overall sections and these are the most common responses:
1. Bad breath
2. Body odor
3. Smoking
1. Annoying laughs
2. Manners
3. No sense of humor
1. Overweight/ obese

The interesting thing about this question is that personality was the number one turn off I would have assumed different.

Here were the most vulgar of our results.
1. Fat chicks or high maintenance broads.
2. Attitude and hygiene don’t like chicks that smell like hotdog water when they open their legs, that’s a Big No No!!!
3. Stuck up attitude, cold hearted personality. If she’s a bitch, it’s a no go. Unless it’s just for a fun night.

Describe an ideal first date:

Out of 60 male responses

1. Dinner
2. Talking and getting to know each other
3. Movies
4. Some form of sexual interaction

Surprisingly drinking was only mentioned 3 times out of the 60 responses.

Most degrading results

1. One in which I get laid and spend no $.
3. plane trip to somewhere nice or we could go to McDonalds, depends on the girl

How long do you wait until you take your relationship to the next level: Engaged/ Marriage?

Out of 61 male responses

1. when it feels right
2. One year
3. Three years
4. Never got to that level before

Do you say I love you first or wait for your partner to say it?

Out of 61 male responses

1. Man says its first
2. Wait
3. Never been in love
4. Wait for the other person to say it
5. When the time is right
6. Mutual

How does the media’s portrayal of relationships influence you?

Out of 61 male response

1) Media doesn’t have an effect: 45
2) Media does have an effect: 9
3) Does not know: 7

What Your Race Really Has to Say

Fisman, Raymond., Iyengar, Sheena S. (2008). Racial Preferences in Dating. The Review of Economic Studies Limited

This article examines if there are racial preference in dating. Employed through a speed dating experiment, this study directly observed the individuals’ preferences rather than survey responses. The backgrounds of the observed individual were taken into consideration, including their racial composition of their ZIP code, as well as the current attitudes in a subject’s state or country. It was concluded that same-race preferences are negatively correlated with education. However, it was observed that females exhibit stronger racial preferences than the males, while older subjects and more physically attractive subjects exhibited fewer amounts of same-race preferences.
Steve Miller